Our Mission

Three Leaves Co. represents the three phases in life -- the good, the bad, the in between; the sky, the earth, the sea.

We strive to create high quality, hand curated goods that promote a sense of holistic well being - mind, body, and spirit.

Whenever possible, we provide reusable materials and minimize waste with our packaging, and source our ingredients from reliable vendors.

We seek to do no harm, always, all ways.

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"I have to tell you how amazing your Aches & Pains Balm is.  My boyfriend tore his Achilles 7 years ago and his ankle has been in pain since.  He put the balm on and after 10 minutes or so he got up and was like...'My ankle doesn't hurt.'  He kept moving it and walking on it and he's like, 'I can't believe my ankle doesn't hurt.  It's been 7 years since I haven't felt pain.'"

- Bridget

"I carry these roller blends with my everywhere. It’s truly so soothing and relaxing both in those stressful moments and in moments where you just need a little extra grounding. I’m in love."

- Jenn

Looking to stay healthy and support your overall health?

Check out our foaming handwash and hand sanitizers!


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