2019 Small Business Holiday Gift Guide

Just in time for Small Business Saturday, y'all!  This list features some of my favorite makers and small businesses that are creating absolutely AMAZING products that I think the Three Leaves Co. fam would love as well!


It is basically no shock to anyone that I am obsessed with both Sugarsky (the business) and Skyler (the owner).  Sky infuses her business and her products with SO much encouragement, positivity, and love.  She creates headbands, bandanas, tubes, scrunchies, blanket towels, fanny packs - the list goes on and on!  These products are made in the US, from recycled water bottles, and would make AMAZING stocking stuffers!


Broken Pine Studio is one of my absolute favorite outdoors inspired metal smith and jewelry designer.  Her work inspires and allows us to carry a reminder of the best natural things with us, always.  Anyone I know would be beyond stoked to find Broken Pine Studio wrapped up for them for the holidays!

My good friend Christian is beyond talented.  He is a gifted tarot reader and an incredible artist that custom makes the most beautiful gem catchers I've ever seen.  His love for raw, unfiltered beauty is captured through his work in an awe inspiring and beautiful way.



Where are all of my moon children?!  I have so many pieces of Yugen Tribe's jewelry it's not even funny!  One of my favorite pieces is my birth moon.  As a part of her galaxy collection, Lauren (the owner of Yugen Tribe) created birth/anniversary moon pieces to carry your important dates close!  I have a bracelet that incorporates the birth moon of someone important to me that passed away, and I absolutely treasure it.



Powers Provisions is made up of my friends Gretchen and Kaleigh living up in Alaska!  (Be sure to follow the @powersprovisions Instagram account for all of the amazing recipes, product updates, and collaboration details!)  These amazing women create incredible knits and beaded jewelry, as well as team up with other artists to create collaboration pieces!


I love Plenty of Yellow.  Alison created one of my favorite home decorations (a beautiful sign that says "No Scrubs" - it's our #1 house rule!) and I have been obsessed with her and her shop ever since!  I have several pieces by her and have commissioned gifts from her as well and I have never once been disappointed!  Check out her mugs, shirts, signs - all of the things!


I have been so into Amanda with Close Call Studio's work for a while now.  Amanda is an artist based out of Baltimore (home town pride, y'all!). She makes the CUTEST fiber art, and designs the most beautiful prints, bandanas, totes, shirts - everything.  AND, for all of you creatives out there, Amanda is the co-host of Beyond the Studio podcast - one of my absolute favorites.


Pretty much all of my water bottles/all of my things are covered in Wild Slice stickers, and I also have a couple of her clothing pieces!  Nicole is an incredible artist that shares her gift with us in the form of accessories, clothing, and stickers.  Nicole incorporates slices of nature and unique shapes to create incredible pieces!  (And her stickers are THE MOST DURABLE - I'm convinced mine are on my bottle for life!)


I am a textile junkie, so it's not a surprise that I have at least three Made in Minny beanies!  These are so comfortable, soft, and Naomi's color choices are so fun to mix and match and play around with!  Each of her pieces is handmade and you can just tell how much love goes into these products.