2020 Three Leaves Co. Small Gift and Stocking Stuffer Guide

To kick off the holiday season, we are releasing the Three Leaves Co. 2020 Small Gift and Stocking Stuffer Guide!

These items have been hand selected, are small enough to fit into a stocking, and are all natural, handmade, and use the highest quality ingredients.

First up: our natural essential oil blends!

We have five different 10mL roller blends available that each serve a different purpose!

Bottled Sunshine: this uplifting blend helps with emotional balance and is a great little gift for those grey weather days.  The citrus blend of bergamot and grapefruit is balanced by soothing lavender to create a positive, uplifting, joyful experience.
Migraine Magic: I specifically designed this blend to help myself after my personal experience with chronic pain and my migraine diagnosis.  I found it to be so effective that I wanted to offer it in the shop!  Lavender soothes, peppermint provides a cooling sensation, and frankincense helps to ground and relax tense muscles.  Simply rub it across your forehead, on your temples, the back of your neck, and your jaw.  Massage it in, and you will start to feel a subtle cooling sensation that can help to relax tension and soothe the pain of a headache.
Glacier:  This blend is one of my favorites, especially at nighttime.  Simply rub it onto your feet and your pulse points, and the soothing combination of Lavender and Peppermint will help to calm your physical body and your emotional state.  This scent comes in a matching linen mist - we'll get to that later!
Ground + Focus:  I created this blend in the fall of 2020 when I was personally dealing with the very formal self-diagnosis of "Work From Home Brain" where I couldn't stop bouncing around to focus on a single task.  Notes of Lemongrass blend smoothly with Rosemary to ground you into your body and help you to focus on the task at hand!  This is also a beautiful blend to add to a yoga and/or meditation practice.
Breathe Freely: This blend was designed for myself after several years of work in an Emergency Department.  Often, work friends would come to me to add a little oil into their masks.  This particular blend can come in super handy during this season that we are wearing masks!  A small amount on the inside layer of your mask can help with mask congestion, and offers a fresh, soothing scent.  Tea Tree and Peppermint oils blend to help open sinuses, and Lavender balances the two for a calming effect.

Next up: Our collection of 2oz Mists!

We have a variety of different mists that all serve a different purpose - from linen fresheners to energy cleansers to facial toners - we've got you covered!

Our 2oz Glacier Linen Mist makes climbing into bed a heavenly experience.  A blend of Lavender and Peppermint come together to soothe and relax you, especially after a long day.  Mist onto your pillows, sheets, and blankets, crawl into bed, and take a deep breath.  For extra soothing vibes, pair it with our Glacier Essential Oil Roller Blend!

There are several herbs you can use to cleanse the energy of a space.  This blend of Rosemary, Lavender, and Sage come together as a refreshing cleanser to serve as a way to purify the energy of your living space.  Simply set your intentions, mist it around your home, and enjoy!

This hydrating facial cleanser is made with Lavender and Rose hydrosols, and gently blended with aloe vera to create a soothing and hydrating experience.  Mist it over your face after cleansing and follow with your favorite natural moisturizer!

Our hand sanitizer is made with a base consisting of all World Health Organization approved ingredients and levels of disinfecting alcohol.  These sanitizers come in 2oz bottles and last a long time!  We have two different options: Unscented (smells like regular hand sanitizer) and Lavender + Eucalyptus!


And to the shop on Black Friday... No Waste Travel Tea Tins and Natural Solid Fragrances!


These days, it's extremely important to keep our immune system strong and functioning well.  These tea kits have you covered!  With a hand mixed loose Echinacea tea blend, elderberry syrup, and reusable muslin tea bags, all you need is a cup of hot water and you are ready to go!  Throw it in your purse before work, your backpack for a hike - these kits are perfect for first responders and essential workers to throw in their bags and have a little immune boost throughout their day!


Commercial fragrances such as perfumes and colognes are said to be the new secondhand smoke - full of toxins, chemicals, and overall bad for your body.  I have many friends that have physical reactions to perfumes and colognes, and I wanted to find a solution.  So, on Black Friday/Small Business Saturday weekend, I will be releasing a new line of natural solid fragrances!