The Beginning

I feel as though it is only fitting to begin this new chapter of Three Leaves Co. with an explanation of the growth and change that has occurred over these last few years.
Many of you know that Three Leaves Co. began as an outdoor inspired clothing company, born out of my homesickness for Colorado after living there for some time and moving back home to Maryland.  Three Leaves Co. was created to be a way to share that love for the outdoors and the mountainous landscapes with more people.  Over the years, Three Leaves Co. continued to grow, and outside of this little business, my life began to change.  Drastically.
2016 found me starting work in the Human Services field, separating from my husband at the time, and questioning what the actual hell my life was going to look like moving forward..
2017 found me being promoted within the agency I was working for, finalizing my divorce, and happily settling into life with my current partner.  I closed down shop to focus on my new job in the Human Services field and to enjoy having some downtime with my partner.  Walking away from Three Leaves Co. was incredibly difficult.  I will never forget writing out the posts and emails, and crying in my office as I let them go.  I felt equal parts heartbroken and relieved.
Two weeks later, while sitting in a meeting, I realized the significant need for a centralized place on the internet that is solely dedicated to people caring for themselves. Over the coming weeks and months, this dream grew and I realized that I could make this dream become my reality.  As someone whose body is extremely sensitive to medications, I have always leaned towards more holistic approaches to health, wellness, and balance.  I wanted to create a space that allows for a platform to share this information with others, and to provide products that can help ease the stress of every day.  Which brings us to now, 2018, and the relaunch of Three Leaves Co. as a self care space.
So what does this look like long term?  The dream is still to relocate back to Colorado.  The personal dream is to settle in on the front range with my partner Chris and the pup we plan to adopt as soon as we arrive out west.  The business dream is to one day have a space for an apothecary and boutique shop that can carry a variety of products from a variety of makers that promote health, wellness, and balance.  Attached to this space, I hope to have a large open space for community meals, yoga, reiki, workshops, etc.
It's not lost on me that Three Leaves Co. continues to be centered around nature, and I believe it will remain that way forever.
The incredible support that I have received from friends, family, customers, and strangers has been such a gift as I navigate this process.  I will be transparent - there are still days that I have no idea what I'm doing.  But I'm glad that we can all figure it out together.
Thank you for being a part of this journey.  Here's to health, happiness, and balance all around!
xo - AM