Three Leaves Co. Shop Small Gift Guide

Plenty of Yellow

Plenty of Yellow is a woman owned business out of Maryland! Alison is one of my good friends IRL and I have been such a huge fan of her work for years.  From the moment she helped me bring a commission dream alive (a hand painted "No Scrubs" sign, obviously) I have followed her journey and it's safe to say I own multiple pieces of her work and each one of them is top quality and super cute!  She is also the cutest and snarkiest human alive so be sure to check her social media to follow along with the fun!


If you've followed along for a while, you know I love me some Sugarsky and the woman behind it, Skyler.  Sky makes beautiful ecofriendly tubes, headbands, bandanas, scrunchies...the list goes on.  AND she also makes crazy cool towels, swimsuits that are so comfy, and leggings that I absolutely love!  Sky works hard to ensure top quality, made in the USA products and has a huge heart for empowerment and loving on her community.

Geminology Candle Co.

Geminology Candle Co. is a woman owned business local to the grand valley in Colorado!  Daniele is a full time case worker, working on her masters in counseling, and still manages to find time to make incredibly yummy hand poured 100% soy candles!



Macrabej is a woman owned handmade macrame business owned by the amazing Bri!  This is another shop local to the Grand Valley in Colorado, Bri is also a full time caseworker, she started creating macrame after she gave birth to her youngest daughter and felt like she wanted something to do with her hands during her time at home.  Bri is able to help you with custom orders and she also hosts workshops when it is safe to do so!

Motherland Essentials

I was introduced to Motherland Essentials earlier this year and let me tell you, I immediately fell in love.  Motherland Essentials is a Black woman owned biz out of South Carolina, and her products are truly luxurious and out of this world.  I ordered one of her lotion bars and one of her masks, and both are total game changers.  The quality and purity of these products are both absolutely on point, and you will not be disappointed!


Jeans Apothecare

Jean's Apothocare is owned by my sweet friend Casey Jean, an herbalist out of Alabama, formerly North Carolina.  Casey Jean's presence in my life feels like a warm hug, and so do her products!  Her Ease tea is absolutely incredible, and her Calm The F*** Down bath soak is absolutely divine.  Highly recommend her beautifully handcrafted products!  I cannot say enough wonderful things about Casey Jean - be sure to check out her incredible offerings.


Yugen Handmade

Yugen Handmade is owned by my very own sister, Lauren!  Yugen Handmade is a Queer woman own business that spearheaded the movement of space jewelry, and creates incredibly unique and beautiful jewelry inspired by our solar system!  My favorite pieces by her are her moon pieces - you can purchase a custom moon to a specific date like an anniversary or birthday!  My close second favorite is the meteorite pieces she offers, using pieces of real meteorite, so basically, you are wearing a piece of real life space around your neck.  If that's not the coolest thing in the world, I don't know what is.


CLN&DRTY is my favorite skin care company on the market.  This is yet  another female owned and operated biz out of New England and I swear - my skin has never been more healthy in the time I've been using their products.  These ladies are PASSIONATE about clean products and only use ingredients that you can pronounce.  Their social media is also super uplifting, in case you were looking for a fun follow!

The Sleepy Wildflower

Alison from Plenty of Yellow introduced me to Melissa aka The Sleepy Wildflower a few months back, and I already own two of her prints and they are some of the most beautiful and powerful pieces that I have purchased to date.  Melissa is one of the sweetest humans I've had the good fortune to meet.  Her art has a way of drawing you in, and the pieces that she writes and shares on her social media are absolutely beautiful.



Powers Provisions

Gretchen was, if I remember correctly, one of the very first friends I made through owning Three Leaves Co., and some five years later, I am still obsessed with everything she does (no shame).  Powers Provisions is an incredible Queer owned business that is just all around a recommend.  Gretchen knits incredibly warm and cozy (and gorgeous) pieces (you name it, she can do it!), AND she makes the most beautiful beaded jewelry.  I have three pairs of earrings and two rings and several of her knits and I have to tell you, my friend is TALENTED.  In addition, G's wife Kaleigh shares incredible recipes on their social media, they have the cutest dog in the world, Gretchen is an incredible photographer (and turns her prints into postcards) and really, just go look at their shop/social media.  I clearly cannot say enough good things about it.