Three Leaves Co. is a small, female owned business rooted in the Grand Valley of Colorado.

The adventure began in 2015, when Three Leaves Co. launched as an outdoor-inspired apparel company.  Over time, founder Annmarie Beacham noticed a significant lack of space for people to take a moment to take care of themselves, especially those working to build their own companies.  We forget that behind a business is a human being running it, and Three Leaves Co. is no exception.  After moving through a significant period of change and growth in her personal life, Annmarie re-branded Three Leaves Co. to be a virtual self care space featuring curated goods that seek to provide balance, positivity, and healing.

Three Leaves Co. sources natural products from sustainable resources and strives to keep all products as natural and close to the earth as possible.  Many products are infused with the healing properties of crystals and all products are infused with Reiki energy.  All products are made out of Annmarie's home work space, where she works to create different combinations of herbs, oils, crystals, fiber goods, textiles, and other products to create items that foster health, wellness, happiness, peace, and overall well-being.

The dream for Three Leaves Co. is to one day have a community space for yoga, Reiki, community meals, meditation, breath work, seminars - the list goes on.  Attached to this space Annmarie hopes to house an apothecary and boutique where Three Leaves Co. products can be sold alongside other small business owners that Annmarie admires and supports.

Disclaimer: Any product sold through Three Leaves Co. is not intended to diagnose or cure.  These products are for educational purposes only and have not been evaluated by the FDA.  Consult your physician if you are interested in utilizing herbal remedies or if you are taking other medications, nursing, or pregnant.