Burn Smudge Sticks Not Bridges Tank (Black)

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Burn smudge sticks not bridges!  This cozy tank is perfect for layering, lounging, and making your magic!

A note from the designer - this design originally said "Burn Sage Not Bridges."  However, upon further research, I learned that sage is being harvested at an alarming rate to mass produce smudge sticks.  While this sounds wonderful in theory, providing the opportunity for many to cleanse their homes, this actually poses an issue.  The indigenous people who have been using the act of smudging in their ceremonies for countless years are now often unable to access the sage that they may need.  So, we encourage you to utilize other means of smudging as well!  Palo Santo, Sweetgrass, Mugwort, etc.  We are not against the use of sage, but be mindful of where you purchase your sage sticks.
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