Chakra Roller Blends | 10mL

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Chakras are energy centers that start at the base of your spine and move upward past the top of your head.  Keeping these energy centers in balance promotes health, peace, and wellbeing.  If you are working on opening or balancing a specific chakra, these blends are perfect assistants for you!  Each is infused with a crystal that corresponds with that chakra, and blended with oils that correspond to the chakra as well.


Root: Security - a blend of woodsy oils and red jasper

Sacral: Sexuality - a blend of floral oils and citrus and carnelian

Solar Plexus: Creativity - a blend of woodsy and citrus oils with citrine

Heart: Balances the lower chakras with the higher, the matter chakras with the spiritual chakras - a blend of floral oils and green aventurine

Throat: Communication - a blend of citrus and cooling oils with sodalite

Third Eye: Intuition - a blend of floral and citrus oils with amethyst

Crown: Connection to the Divine - a blend of earthy and floral oils with amethyst and quartz